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Wellness Program

A pleasant journey to rediscover wellness

At the Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla guests can enjoy a relaxing wellness program, ideal to recharge your batteries, leave the stress and hectic pace of everyday life.

Our seawater grotto which naturally includes a Frigidarium (19-23°C) is a sight to see! Once inside, you can plunge into a deep pool and enjoy all the beneficial properties of seawater. The sensation of swimming in a natural cave carved into our magnificent coastline is further enhanced by the grotto’s unique location.

Now pass under the waterfall that separates the first grotto from a second one and experience the thrill of passing from cold to hot water (or vice versa), as you enter the Calidarium (35-38°C), where you will be carried away by an unforgettable atmosphere and emotion.

The natural structure of the grotto is breathtaking and the experience of diving into the hot water pool surrounded by waterfalls and chromo-therapeutic lighting is truly sensational.

Every detail is designed to ensure that guests are guaranteed a unique and relaxing experience.

Simply press one of the numerous buttons located all over the grotto to enjoy a series of hydromassages, both front and back, thanks to the Relaxation Bed system.

This consists of benches and steps fitted with hydromassage outlets that can be adjusted in terms of power and intensity to suit various parts of the body such as the stomach, feet, buttocks, thighs, calves, abdomen, back and neck etc. and includes a vertical hydromassage (which you should stay at a certain distance from as it is extremely powerful) and the Geyser that is especially designed for the rear thigh, buttocks and soles of the feet.

To start or finish your Wellbeing Course there is the splendid Turkish Hammam, that is also fitted with chromo-therapeutic lighting.


You will enjoy all the beneficial properties of Seawater.


You will be overwhelmed by an atmosphere and an unforgettable emotion.

Bagno Turco

You can relax and enjoy in a unique experience.

Discovering Ponza

A few meters from the hotel is located the beautiful beach of Chiaia di Luna, elected among the most beautiful beaches of Lazio by Legambiente, and you can also reach the center of Ponza to visit this lovely island.

The Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla is the ideal place to spend a holiday in Ponza and thanks to the many facilities offered, the peculiarities of the hotel and the atmosphere you breathe in the building, it qualifies as one of the most exclusive 4-star hotel in Ponza.